ATSAL Application Downloads

MacOS Binary Runs on Mac OS 10.9.5 or later, requires about TBD disk space. ATSAL is a work in progress. It is not stable enough for serious work at this time, and its file formats may not be forward-compatible. FakeFile.tar.gz
Linux Version We have not yet ported to Linux. Please send money! FakeFile2.tar.gz
Windows Binary We have not yet ported Windows. Please send more money! FakeFile3.tar.gz
User Documentation User documentation is built into ATSAL, or you can download a PDF here. ATSALHelp.pdf

ATSAL Installation Notes contains everything you need to run ATSAL. The first time you run it, it creates and populates ~/ATFiles, where it stores observation files, databases, a tutorial, log files, and other information. Most of the time you can ignore this directory.

ATSAL will not interfere with other programs or libraries installed on your computer. It contains its own version of XSpec, converted to act as a server; its own version of Python; and many other supporting tools.

To remove ATSAL, delete the application and, if desired, ~/ATFiles.

ATSAL triggers Apple’s security warning for downloaded applications. Starting with MacOS Sierra, you can right-click or control-click on the application, then choose Open, to override the lockout.

ATSAL Source Tree

At the time of this writing (Dec 2016), ATSAL development consumes space as follows:

~/ATFiles Stores observation files, databases, and temporaries. 1 GB
~/atsal Source tree and git archive 10.2 GB
~/Qt Qt class library, source and binaries 2.1 GB
XCode Apple development environment 6 GB
Miscellany Other supporting software ~1 GB
Total 20.3 GB

Suggested Reading

ATSAL Spec.pdf is the original project specification. Also see the developer docs on this site, or download the ATSALDevHelp.pdf docs in PDF format.


ATSAL’s git repository is arranged as several interacting archives, in order to reduce space impact. This arrangement is discussed in ATSAL and Git.pdf, and it is a good idea a really good idea to review this prior to retrieving a Git archive.