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Developer Help

ATSAL is a user interface that sits atop a number of other components, notably XSpec, for performing spectrographic analysis. It employs a multiple process implementation in order to achieve several kinds of parallelism. ATSAL is implemented almost entirely in C++, making heavy use of the Qt cross-platform class library. The initial version is implemented for MacOS, but later versions will support Linux and perhaps Windows. All components are open source.

This is the documentation tree for ATSAL internals. It tracks both internal and external information of use to the project. The doc tree is stored as a series of HTML-subset files, managed by the Nexus documentation manager, so that git can handle conflict resolution when multiple collaborators update docs. The developer tree is stored in ATSALDevHelp and edited or viewed via

This help tree is not intended for end users, and is not included with ATSAL. End user help is located in help and edited via Nexus can also export a free-standing web site or a PDF book with the same content.